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A vast network by Télécommunications de l'Est

The NOMAD Mobile Network was developed by Télécommunications de l’Est (TDE), a leader in telecommunications in eastern Quebec which has been contributing to the rapid development of telecommunications in the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie regions, on the North Shore and in New Brunswick for over 45 years. TDE operates more than 80 telecommunications sites in those areas and has established partnerships with leading telecommunications companies to make the NOMAD Mobile Network a reality. With our affiliation to the Iristel group, we’re broadening our horizons to serve strategic markets across Canada.

Individuals, business, and public services located in rural regions and territories of Eastern Quebec that are poorly served by a cellular network, are longer be isolated! Thanks to the NOMAD Mobile Network, they can access an excellent wireless communication solution. Based on the open standard Digital Mobile Radio Tier III (DMR 3) communication protocol, the NOMAD Mobile Network offers a high-performance long-range wireless communication service, comparable to cellular that will contribute to the economic development and safety of users in these rural and urban territories.


Leading partners

The NOMAD Mobile Network  is the fruit of the efforts of many outstanding partners, suppliers and retailers who have worked in close collaboration with Eastern Telecommunications (TDE), the principal owner and operator of the network. Key partners include GDE Sales, the representative of Simoco in Canada, who participated in the business agreement and offers continued support to TDE and Simoco. The manufacturer of the DMR Tier III network equipment and radio devices used in the construction and rollout of the NOMAD Mobile Network, Simoco is the leading partner in the project. Simoco has also developed a range of new functions for the network, tailoring it to better meet the specific needs of Canada’s remote regions.

The NOMAD Mobile Network is a unifying project that is constantly growing and progressing. We are always looking for network operators to partner with us to extend the NOMAD Mobile Network into other regions of Quebec and Canada. We are also looking for new suppliers able to add new functions compatible with DMR networks, as well as retailers who would like to offer our network and devices to their clients.

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NOMADE mobile network - Digital radio communication   DMR - Digital Mobile Radio Association

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