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A full range of functions and features

Users of the NOMAD Mobile Network enjoy a full range of functions and features that are much in demand, particularly those that promote increased productivity and enhance worker safety. 


Data integration

  • Data transmission at 9.6 kb/s from radios or RTUs
    • telemetry (water level, temperature, etc.)
    • point of sale (POS) terminals
    • alarm in case of theft
    • options tailored to your needs
  • Status: notifies the dispatcher of arrival at a specific location or other predefined event
  • Text messages: sending text messages between users

Personal safety functions

Short messages

  • Man down: notifies the dispatcher or a team member that a user is not moving and is not responding to his device
  • Lone worker: the user must identify him- or herself using their radio, otherwise an audible alarm and a message are sent to the designated recipient
  • Emergency: a simple push of the button notifies a team member or the entire team of an emergency

Group and individual calls

Group calls

  • Makes it easy to reach several people with a single call
  • A given unit can be a member of several groups and broadcast between the groups
  • Groups can operate on one or more predefined sites

Individual calls

  • Enables users to make calls to other radios and talk one-on-one, even if the other user is not part of the same group
  • Every subscriber to the individual call service has access to the entire network

phone calls

  • Long telephone calls, charged by the minute
  • Each radio has a unique phone number using the 418 area code
  • Every telephone service subscriber automatically has access to the whole network
  • Very simple dialling and reception similar to cell phones
  • Voicemail, text message alert, follow-me, call forwarding and other features available

Interaction with cell service

  • An application can be downloaded to cell phones enabling the user to talk with the members of a radio group
  • For users who do not want to wear the radio on their belt while in an area with cell coverage
  • For users outside the coverage area of the radio network
  • For buildings where coverage for cell phones is better than radio coverage
  • Also available for tablets and PCs

Employee locator (GPS)

  • Web-based application indicating the location of all employee radios on a map
  • Several options are available, including geo-fencing and travel history
  • Requires a GPS antenna and a GPS-compatible radio

Public security features


  • Ensures that the system is available for certain radios or radio groups
  • Four priority levels are possible, including the pre-emption level
  • Makes it possible to share the system between various user groups

Communications privacy

  • Because the communication is digital, your privacy is assured against over 98% of eavesdropping
  • A privacy code and encryption increase security to over 99.9%

Recording conversations

  • At the request of public security users, a server can be set up to enable conversations to be recorded for certain radios or radio groups

Private network available

  • You can have your own network and be connected to the wider NOMAD Mobile Network.
  • Advantages:
    • extended coverage enabling you or your users to communicate with subcontractors
    • possibility of sharing your private network with other users while giving your own users higher priority
    • possibility of connecting to your company’s phone system
    • reduces annual fees without the burden of managing your own system

Remote programming

  • Some radio parameters can be programmed remotely, reducing the need to bring devices in for service (DMR Tier III)
  • Ensures continuous access to new channels and network sites

Basic network functions:

On-demand coverage

  • Select the number of operating sites in your communication group based on your current needs
  • Changes made after a simple phone call

Dynamic Channel Allocation (trunking)

  • Makes it possible for users to access all communication channels available on each site, without intervention by the customer.
  • Applies to all customers at no cost.

Automatic site change

  • For each call, the radio will automatically select the best available site, not necessarily reverting to the site used for the previous call if the signal is no longer clear.
  • Applies to all customers at no cost.


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