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Packages tailored to your needs

A number of packages have been created to meet the specific needs of various types of users and customers of the NOMADE mobile network. All options are also available à la carte. Some packages are available starting as low as $19.95 per month. Long-term agreements with preferential reduced rates are also available.

Rate based on use of group calls

Rates are determined based on your needs for group calls. The rate for your organization will depend on the number of sites needed, the number of radios and the options you select (such as limiting service to outgoing group calls only). The rate can also be tailored to take into account your specific usage of other types of calls.

Rate based on individual calls

The individual radio-to-radio call rate lets you enjoy full network coverage at a discounted rate and pay for actual use for each radio (charged by the minute). Using the contact list or the number of radios, you can reach other network users, no matter where you are in the coverage area. If you have a device that supports full-duplex communications, you will be able to use this option without charge.

Rate based on telephone calls

Several packages offer a bank of minutes and a per-minute rate for any additional use. All minutes apply to calls within Canada. Various options are also included with each package, such as missed call number notification, voicemail, message waiting notification, and the Follow-me function. Optional services, such as white pages listings, phone number transfers, international calls, call recording, voicemail phone trees, and virtual conference rooms are also available. Each device has its own local phone number, and you can check your usage and manage certain functions from the website. If you have a device that supports full-duplex communications, you will be able to use this option without charge.

Locator options

If your radio supports the GPS mode, you can access the employee location options (GPS). Depending on the chosen option, the location of your radios will be transmitted at one-minute intervals to a server you can access to perform various tasks. This service helps improve employee safety and monitoring.

Cellular network interaction options

Thanks to an application installed on your Android or iOS cell phone, tablet or computer, you can communicate with radio users. You can talk with your field teams at any time via individual or group calls no matter where you are in the world. Convenient for owners, supervisors and managers, this option allows you to stay connected with your teams in the field, using a device you already wear on your belt. This is also an excellent option for any members of your team who leave the network coverage area, but have access to a cellular network.

Personal safety options

Several options are available to improve worker safety, including an emergency contact centre for lone workers. Make sure your workers are never completely alone, no matter where they are!

Public security options

Public safety organizations – fire departments, first responders, police, civil protection, municipalities – have unique communications needs. NOMADE offers options making it possible to record conversations, prioritize calls, encrypt communications, and much more.


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