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Innovative technology

The NOMADE mobile network uses telecommunications towers, VHF frequencies and the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier III trunking protocol (radio communication via a network of sites with multiple interconnected repeaters), providing a solution midway between cell service and conventional radio. Defined by the European Telecommunications Standardization Institute (ETSI) and an association of 50 radio equipment manufacturers, the DMR open standard helps manufacturers produce compatible radios, infrastructure and applications. Each new version of the standard includes new features and functions, ensuring continued dynamic development of the technology and ongoing investment in the sector.

Thanks to the NOMADE mobile network, individuals, businesses and public utilities now have access to a reliable wireless communication solution in the remote regions and territories of eastern Quebec where cell service is not available. Much more than a technological breakthrough, the network is truly a tool for economic and social development, helping ensure the safety of communities that will never again be cut off from the rest of the world.

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A wide range of benefits

Ease of use

With their intuitive interface, the mobile and portable radios of the NOMADE mobile network are very easy to use. Just a quick training session is all users need to become familiar with all the advantages of these units.

Greater safety for NOMADE users

With implementation of the NOMADE mobile network, residents, vacationers and workers in remote areas are no longer cut off from the world. In addition, to protect users in potentially risky situations, the combination of a GPS locator and the “man down” and “lone worker” smart functions makes it possible to send an alert in case of a problem and to transmit messages to other radios or control applications. If the radio is not in its usual position, an alarm sounds after a pre-set period of time, and a message is sent to the designated recipient.

Increases efficiency and productivity

By providing businesses and public utilities a means of staying in communication with their employees at all times and tracking work progress, the NOMADE mobile network helps improve productivity.

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NOMADE mobile network - Digital radio communication   DMR - Digital Mobile Radio Association