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Télécommunications de l’Est (TDE) has partnered with ESChat, the industry leader in push-to-talk (PTT) solutions designed for networks, to provide you with NOMADe CONNECTe, a fully integrated platform for users of DMR and cellular networks. NOMADe CONNECTe enables users to communicate one-on-one, ad hoc, or in groups. It offers eight distinct types of group calls, all customized for specific missions. Group calls can range from private PTT group calls to emergency group calls, including monitoring, control, distribution, and other groups.

NOMADe CONNECTe provides "interoperability as a service," and does not require any additional equipment to be installed at the customer's facility. PTT options are designed for users who need reliable communications over DMR and public cellular networks. It is ideal for supervisors and managers who want to keep in touch with their team in the field using mobile radios and for teams working outside the coverage area provided by the NOMAD Mobile Network. An essential tool for a world constantly on the move, NOMADe CONNECTe can also be used on popular tablets and computers.

  • Interoperability of cellular and DMR (NOMAD Mobile Network) call in different modes (private one-on-one, group, and emergency group)
  • Includes Priority calling with preemption
  • Real-time or historical GPS location tracking and fully integrated mapping.
  • Available on phones and tablets running Android, iPhone, iPAD and Windows PC devices.
  • Supports ID for radio devices/systems.
  • Encryption of voice communications using AES-256 standard on LTE networks


Works where there is cellular or Wi-Fi coverage and therefore, is not limited to areas of coverage only provided by the NOMAD Mobile Network.


With the availability of Wi-Fi and cellular networks along with the NOMADe CONNECTe Application, augment the ability to communicate with your group of radios to meet each users' needs.

The NOMADe CONNECTe Application installs on an Android or iOS cell phone, tablet or computer. It allows you to reach and communicate with NOMAD Mobile Network radio subscribers directly. Convenient for owners, supervisors and managers, wherever you are in the world, you can chat at any time with your team in the field, either individually or by group calls.

  • Allows an application to be downloaded to a cellular phone or tablet enabling the user to speak with members of a radio group.
  • For users who do not want to wear the radio on their belt while in an area with cellular of Wi-Fi coverage
  • For users outside the coverage area of the radio-communication network
  • For buildings where coverage for cell phones is better than radio coverage
  • To replace a radio base with a computer
  • Stand-alone use of LTE or Wi-Fi, possible without connection to a VHF radio

You can download the App here:  Windows | Apple Store | Google Play

Fore more information, contact us.

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