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Telephone service at your cottage or on the road

Plans to suit your needs

  Price/month Telephone call minutes /month
Telephone 60 24.95 $ 60
Telephone 120 39.95 $ 120
Telephone 240 59.95 $ 240
Telephone 360 79.95 $ 360
Telephone 480 89.95 $ 480
Telephone Unlimited 99.95 $ UNLIMITED

Voicemail, call forwarding, access to the telephone portal, and the Follow Me function that allows unanswered calls to be redirected to one or more other numbers, are included in the package. A $70 one-time activation fee shall be applied. Phone calls are for a maximum of 60 minutes per call and are billed by the minute and calculated by the second. Long distance calls in Canada and the "continental" United States are included. International calls are blocked. Additional minutes are $0.49 per minute. The 911 emergency service is accessible by pressing the orange button on the radio. Certain conditions may apply. Subject to change without notice.

A unique phone number will be associated with your device.
The transfer and use of an existing number is possible.
Temporary suspension is available.

Better than cell phone coverage

When cellular phone coverage is no longer available... The NOMAD Mobile Network takes over!

Not sure if you’re located within the coverage area? Write to us with your full address or even better your GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) and we can confirm if you’re in an area covered by the NOMADE mobile network.

The NOMAD Mobile Network currently has more 38 sites in service. 
 Stay tuned for future developments!

Mobile coverage July 2023                   
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Devices for your every need

This innovative technology allows you to make and receive calls as easily as with a cell phone. Much more than a "walkie-talkie" these radios will allow you to enjoy your home away from home in complete safety. Don't feel isolated anymore!

Making and receiving phone calls at your cottage or on the road has never been easier!

Hytera mobile radio
Ideal device for fixed installations
  • a cottage
  • a car
  • an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)
  • a snow mobile
  • a boat.


Hytera portable radio
Ideal device for mobile use
  • hiking

Less effective performance than mobile for use in :

  • a cottage
  • a car
  • an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)
  • a snow mobile
  • a boat


Thanks to the NOMAD Mobile Network, individuals now have access to a reliable and high-performance wireless digital communication solution in remote regions and territories of Eastern Québec, that are poorly served by the cellular network.

Answers to your questions

Daniel Gignac answers the 5 frequently asked questions about the NOMAD Mobile Network for individual customers (Available in French version only). For other questions, you can consult our frequently asked questions.


Easy Installation | Ease of Use | Affordable Rates | Innovative Technology | Extended Coverage

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NOMADE mobile network - Digital radio communication   DMR - Digital Mobile Radio Association

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