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A full range of functions and features

Users of the NOMAD Mobile Network enjoy a full range of functions and features that are much in demand, particularly those that promote increased productivity and enhance worker safety. 


Data integration

  • Data transmission at 9.6 kb/s from radios or RTUs
    • telemetry (water level, temperature, etc.)
    • point of sale (POS) terminals
    • alarm in case of theft
    • options tailored to your needs
  • Status: notifies the dispatcher of arrival at a specific location or other predefined event
  • Text messages: sending text messages between users

Personal safety functions

Short messages

  • Man down: notifies the dispatcher or a team member that a user is not moving and is not responding to his device
  • Lone worker: the user must identify him- or herself using their radio, otherwise an audible alarm and a message are sent to the designated recipient
  • Emergency: a simple push of the button notifies a team member or the entire team of an emergency

Group and individual calls

Group and invidual calls help keep your teams safe, increase efficiency and productivity in the field.

Group calls

  • Makes it easy to reach several people with a single call
  • A given unit can be a member of several groups and broadcast between the groups

Individual calls

  • Enables users to make calls to other radios and talk one-on-one
  • All radios on the NOMAD Mobile Network can call each other, even if they are not part of the same group

phone calls

Being real radio-telephones, the phone call function makes placing calls as simple as with a cellular phone.

  • Long duration telephone calls, calculated by the second and charged by the minute
  • Very simple dialling and reception similar to cell phones
  • Voicemail, text message alert, "Follow-me", call forwarding and other features available

With the availability of Wi-Fi and cellular networks along with the NOMADe CONNECTe Application, augment the ability to communicate with your group of radios to meet each users' needs

  • Allows an application to be downloaded to a cellular phone or tablet enabling the user to speak with members of a radio group
  • For users who do not want to wear the radio on their belt while in an area with cellular of Wi-Fi coverage
  • For users outside the coverage area of the radio-communication network
  • For buildings where coverage for cell phones is better than radio coverage
  • To replace a radio base with a computer
  • Stand-alone use of LTE or Wi-Fi, possible without connection to a VHF radio


Employee locator (GPS)

Geolocate your equipment and team to increase efficiency and safety.

  • Web-based application indicating the location of all employee radios on a map
  • Available functions such as geo-fencing and location history
  • Requires a GPS antenna and a GPS-compatible radio
  • Location interval of 5,15 or 30 minutes

Public security features

The NOMAD Mobile Network is designed to meet the critical needs of various public security roles.

Interoperability Groups

  • Acces to groups allowing communications during an emergency situation
  • Existing group for fire services, municipal services and activities in unorganized territories. These groups are offered free of charge upon approval.


  • Ensures that the system is available for certain radios or radio groups
  • Four priority levels are possible, including the pre-emption level

Communications privacy

  • As communications are digital, your privacy is 98% assured against eavesdropping
  • A privacy code and encryption increase security to over 99.99%

Recording conversations

  • At the request of public security users, a server can be set up to enable conversations to be recorded for certain radios or radio groups, with secure remote listening of messages

Private network available

  • You can have your own network and be connected to NOMAD Mobile Network.
  • Advantages:
    • extended coverage enabling you or your users to communicate with subcontractors
    • possibility of sharing your private network with other users while giving your own users higher priority
    • possibility of connecting to your company’s phone system
    • reduces annual fees without the burden of managing your own system

Remote programming

  • Some radio parameters can be programmed remotely, reducing the need to bring devices in for service (DMR Tier III)
  • Ensures continuous access to new channels and network sites

Basic network functions:

On-demand coverage

  • Changes made after a simple phone call

Dynamic Channel Allocation (trunking)

  • Makes it possible for users to access all communication channels available on each site, without intervention by the customer.
  • Applies to all customers at no cost.

Automatic site change

  • For each call, the radio will automatically select the best available site, not necessarily reverting to the site used for the previous call if the signal is no longer clear.
  • Applies to all customers at no cost.



The City of Causapscal, we thank you for your comment following your implementation of the NOMADE Mobile Network for your communications. Thank you for your trust in our services and we wish each other a long partnership.

For more information, contact us.

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