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Better than cell phone coverage,
where no cell service is even available!



The NOMAD Mobile Network currently has more than 38 sites in service.
Stay tuned for future developments!

Mobile coverage July 2023                                                   
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The NOMAD Mobile Network will cover 98% of the territory of the Gaspésie and Bas-Saint-Laurent regions. The coverage will also extend to Gloucester, Madawaska, Northumberland, Restigouche and Victoria counties in New Brunswick, and will gradually be expanded to other provinces and territories in Canada.


Individuals, business and utility services now have access to a truly digital technology that replaces cellular service where it is not available, at very affordable rates. With the arrival of NOMAD Mobile Network, travel on roads in remote areas will soon be safer where cellular network coverage is subject to multiple interruptions.

The advent of NOMAD Mobile Network coverage is also applauded on Anticosti Island, where it will enable vacationers, residents, utilities and businesses to communicate within the island’s 222-kilometre-long territory and with the rest of the world. The same is true in central New Brunswick, where cell coverage is poor despite considerable development of the rich natural resources.

For decades, a lack of effective means of communication has hindered the performance of business and public services in remote regions and in communities who are poorly served by the cellular network as well as compromising the safety of their staff and residents. Thanks to the NOMAD Mobile Network, that era is over!


A satisfied customer!

Thank you to Mr. Peter Camden and the entire ZEC Bas-Saint-Laurent team for your trust.

Our client ZEC Bas-Saint-Laurent is a good example of the benefits of migrating from analog to digital. The fact that users have access to telephone calls on their radio, allows them to make external calls in places where no cellular network is available.

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NOMADE mobile network - Digital radio communication   DMR - Digital Mobile Radio Association

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