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Already 4 years for the NOMAD Mobile Network!

Obstacles, challenges, and great achievements, a lot of business has happened over the last 4 years! We have much to tell!

This past year we’ve added 3 new sites and 2022 is looking quite promising with many new signed contracts that will allow us to further expand coverage in the Gaspésie region of Quebec. Our ultimate goal is to cover 98% of the Gaspésie and Bas-Saint-Laurent territory, as well as all the municipalities of the Côte-Nord. To learn more about coverage, visit

Our customers’ safety is a very important to us. That’s why we’ve invested so much in the deployment of the NOMAD mobile network in recent years.

Our client, La Société de Gestion de la Rivière Matane, is a fine example of the benefits of the migration from analog mobile radio to digital mobile radio.

Thanks to the networking of all our sites, users can talk to each other no matter where they are in the territory that has made a significant difference for this client.

We’re very happy to have the “Société de Gestion de la Rivière Matane” among our clients. Thank you for your trust, and here’s to a long and beautiful business relationship together!

"We’ve been clients of Télécommunications de l'Est since 2004. We first started the adventure with analog radios, then in 2018 we converted to the NOMAD mobile network. We are very happy with this change. Communications are easy, which was a very important issue for us due to our frequent travels in the territory. With the large area that we must cover, it is essential to have a reliable radio system that allows us to be in constant communication. In addition, we have personalized service that we greatly appreciate. That’s why we can safely recommend Telecommunications de l’Est to anyone with radiocommunication needs. "

Sébastien Lavoie, Managing Director of the Société de Gestion de la Rivière Matane, a client of Télécommunications de l'Est for 17 years.

About the NOMAD mobile network

Individuals, business and public services in remote regions and territories of eastern Quebec, poorly served by a cellular network, will no longer be isolated! Thanks to the NOMAD mobile network, they will have access to an excellent wireless communication solution. Using frequencies from the VHF (Very High Frequency) range and based on the open digital radio communication protocol DMR Tier III (Digital Mobile Radio Tier III), the NOMAD mobile network offers a high-performance wireless communication service, complementary to that of cellular, that will contribute to the economic development and the safety of the users of these territories.

The technological advances offered by the network are:

  • • Innovative and powerful devices
  • • Innovative group, individual and telephone communications
  • • Increased worker safety
  • • Features specific to municipal operations and public security
  • • Geolocation of your workforce
  • • Interaction with cell phones
  • • Data integration
  • • Functions to extend coverage to non-electrified telecommunications sites at affordable costs
  • • Extensions of private networks

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NOMADE mobile network - Digital radio communication   DMR - Digital Mobile Radio Association

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